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AI x health equity

Many trending topics in AI news surround the dangers of biased algorithms, generative AI, and impulsive workforce replacement. But how can we put people first and harness AI for good? This talk details how we can use AI with empathy to make a positive impact for the advancement of health equity.

leading successful data science efforts

According to Forbes, between 60-80% of AI efforts fail. Balancing the development of novel algorithms with stakeholder needs, security, and customer experience is no easy feat. In this session, I share actionable, strategic approaches to high stakes efforts to help your team succeed.

my STEM journey

From a false start in biomedical engineering to a 28 year old CS doctoral graduate and award-winning data scientist, my career has been full of twists and turns. In this talk, I share STEM challenges and triumphs to inspire and encourage diverse individuals to create their own unique path.

to phd or not to phd

The data industry can be tricky as many professionals teeter between academic and practitioner. For those who develop in the fast-paced technology sector are degrees even worth it? In this talk, we'll cover the pros and cons of a PhD and I'll share tips from my doctoral journey for people considering this next move.

confidence & self-advocacy

Say Goodbye to Imposter Syndrome! Thriving in life and career starts with knowing who you are, what you want, and taking daily steps towards success. In this talk, we discuss building confidence and self-advocacy to excel personally and professionally.

soft productivity for techies

If you find yourself in a constant cycle of overachieving, burnout, and illness, this talk is for you. As a recovering people pleaser and workaholic, I share systems, wellness resources, and productivity tips to help you progress towards your goals in a more healthy, sustainable way.

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